VGI preparations are designed to help farmers achieve higher yields of better quality produce year after year.
The KF products are manufactured in Israel using natural raw materials.
All of our products are non-toxic to humans or animals, and adhere to sustainable organic agriculture standards.
Used correctly – our products will increase yields, improve quality of fruit and green crops, improve fruit and vegetables strength, increases shelf life of fruits and vegetable, improve the taste and color of produce and much more.

Mineral Fertilization Improvement and negative impact elimination

Agricultural over fertilization can be an environmental hazard. Excessive fertilizers leaching into groundwater and washing into waterways can cause contamination posing health risks to both humans and animals. Accumulation of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements introduced by fertilizers, or produced in the ground can reduce the soil fertility and crops ability to process vital minerals. Using KF 10, KF 200 or KF 30 products as part of every crop and garden fertility management program optimizes plants mineral intake and improves mineral absorption through roots and foliage, avoiding over fertilization and maintaining a healthier balanced environment.

Alternate bearing

Alternate Bearing (also called Biennial Bearing) is the tendency of a fruit tree to produce a heavy, high yield “ON crop” followed by a light, low yield (or no crop) “OFF crop”. This phenomenon is affected by many factors such as crop management, environmental conditions, variety and physiological factors. Alternate Bearing has a severe economic impact on crops commonly affected.

Well balanced and properly timed fertilization can help the tree recover from a heavy on-crop year and recoup in time for the next season. Using the KF products to nourish fruit trees and grapevines using the “embryo nutrition” concept is vital for maintaining a balanced nutrients uptake and for the optimization of roots, foliage and fruit development.


Intensifying color and resilience of leaf vegetables and turf lawn

KF  sprayed directly on to plants at the right dose is easily absorbed by the foliage. KF  will not scorch leaf and is not phytotoxic. KF preperations improves chlorophyll production thereby enhancing and intensifying plant coloration. Boosting the chlorophyll enhances the plant’s energy cycles, and lead to stronger more productive plants.

Some of the KF components are known to have a nematocidal effect. Regular application of KF 10 or KF 200 to lawns will sustain good green color, promote the development of roots and help reduce soil borne diseases.


Balancing growth rate in grapevines and deciduae trees

KF preperations stimulates cell division and enhance plant growth metabolism. It also improves soil structure, support soil microorganisms and helps make nutrients available more quickly.

The KF acts on the whole plant growth and development – roots, foliage and fruit, balances the plant growth and fruiting capabilities.

Improving stressed plots

Stress and deficiency in plants can be caused by different environmental factors such as: extreme temperatures, extreme drought/ overly wet waterlogged soil, acute nutrients deficiency, salts accumulation in soil, over pressure of insects or animal etc. The KF preperation directly affects the plants cells energy supply mechanisms. Using KF 10 or KF 200 on stressed crop (especially when stress is caused by drought/ wet condition) will provide the plant cells with readily available energy, and will  allow rapid recovery.

Reproductive growth improvement, increase number of berries per bunch, uniformity of flowering and ripening of grapes

KF 10 and KF 200 are vital componants to every succesful grapevine nourishment plan. Our experience of nearly two decades shows that grapevines respond well to the the KF, especialy when applied according to VGI’s Embryo Nutrition Method.

KF  applications via watering systems during the period of intensive root activity (during spring regrowth and after grape harvest), enhances generative shoots formation and uniform spring growth, increase the rate of photosynthesis, increasing the plant ability to produce fruit.

Spraying  of KF at the correct time during cluster formation contributes to the extension of the clusters, uniform flowering and improved ripening. Resulting in increased crop yield, higher sugar levels, firmer berries, better color and improved  shelf life.

Reducing the use of plant growth regulators (PGR), improving the budding and color of plants

Growers using KF  in conjunction with PGR report a more uniformed, improved spring regrowth, a more uniform berry size, berry color improvement and increased fruit stability and shelf life.