General information

This environmentally friendly formulation works in two ways; enhancing plant growth and increasing soil fertility. The products can be applied by foliage spraying and through irrigation.

KF is compatible with other fertilizers. Mixed with synthetic or organic fertilizers, KF products will promote lateral budding thereby increasing flowering and fruit production, improve nutrient uptake and distribution throughout the plant tissues.

KF 10 and KF 20 are certified and approved for organic farming in Israel as well as meeting international organic farming regulations (EU,NOP)

KF10 is a ready to use product, KF20 is a concentrate product. KF 200 is a version designed for the US market, and contains small quantities of NPK.

Ingredients and properties

  • KF preparation contains seaweed and wild flowers extracts. These extracts enhance development of new roots during germination and bud break, establishing a large root system to support future harvest. They also enhance vigorous leaf growth later in the season and reduce Alternate Bearing.
  • KF preparation contains vegetable oils which stimulates more uniform bud break, improve foliation and bloom on deciduous trees.
  • KF preparation contains natural sugars, enzymes and proteins, all of which are necessary for the development of soil-dwelling beneficial microorganisms that improve soil structure and fertility.
  • KF preparation contains vitamins which promote cell division for vigorous growth. Natural active ingredients in KF improve nutrient distribution in the plant tissues and promote nutrients absorption within the cell .
  • Unlike synthetic mineral fertilizers, KF contains only a minute amount of mineral nutrients. The unique combination of KF ingredients creates a synergetic effect thereby improving the plant overall vitality and resilience at every stage of development from germination through to fruiting.


  • KF-10 KF-200 and KF-20 are biological preparations. Store in original container in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Read the technical sheet carefully before use.
  • Shake container gently before use.
  • KF products can be applied through irrigation. It suits low pressure sprinklers irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems (not causing drip blockage)
  • KF10 and KF 200 are suitable for foliar applications – Dissolve rate for foliar spraying applications 0.2% – 2%. The product is not phytotoxic and does not cause leaf scorch.
  • Mixing KF with synthetic fertilizers for irrigation application is NOT recommended, it may break down the formula.
Please be aware:
VGI was recently informed of a Chinese imitation of the KF series fertilizer products.

How can you identify a legitimate product that is not an imitation and is not dangerous?

1. VGI has no distributor in China at the moment.

2. VGI products are sold by us on the company website https://vgi.co.il/

3. They are also sold by suppliers. Proper VGI products will be packaged in packaging that includes our up-to-date logo.

4. In any case of doubt and in particular before purchasing products abroad Israel, you can ask us and our excellent service representatives will answer you as soon as possible. We are always available by phone:

We would like to emphasize that purchasing a counterfeit product is dangerous and may contain substances toxic to plants.
We will also emphasize that the VGI company does not have a representative in China.

Exercise discretion and take care of your plants ????