Most lawn grass verities are fast growing. Common lawn care and maintenance includes regular mowing (usually excessive), application of synthetic fertilizers and Pesticides. Lawn grasses respond well to metallic elements – i.e. iron and other micro elements. It is therefore vital to give grass easy access to these elements.

KF10 is a unique bio-organic preparation, which is easily absorbed by soil and foliage.

Regular application benefits include:

  • Optimal uptake and binding of iron giving grass a deep green color and creating a thick and uniformly growing lawn. Stronger grass lawn is more durable to foot traffic and even driving.
  • Some of KF10 components are known to be nematode repellents making Grass more resistant to nematodes.
  • Increase roots vitality – Helps develop stronger deeper root system, resulting in an overall healthier plant.
  • KF10 supply plants with the nutrients they require in an immediate form thereby reducing the need for NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash (Potassium)) application by up to 30 % .
  • Tougher cell walls making grass disease-resistant against leaf disease and fungi.

Correct fertilization method for perfect results:

For best results use the following guidelines:
Primary care: This is a series of consecutive frequent applications.
Maintenance: less frequent applications (applied after mowing the lawn) to maintain lawn condition, prevent bald spots and disease.

Application method: Foliar spray.
Application recommended dosage:

  •  First/Boost application: 2- 3.25 liter per acre in late autumn
  • Regular applications: 0.6 – 1.2 liter per acre every two or three weeks depending on the season

KF10 is not “selective” and will not reduce weed growth.
KF10 will not produce any phytotoxic effects when applied correctly following these guidelines.