The Science Behind Quality Crops

To develop, the human embryo needs the best nutrition available. Likewise,the dormant buds, which develop in the plant a year before growing into flowers and fruits, also need nutrients.

Duringthis stage, buds undergo considerable development. Embryo Nutrition Method is designed to nourish and feed the plant during the critical stages of inflorescence formation and bud development.


The Embryo Nutrition Method helps achieve healthier, stronger,greener plants, enhances crop size, weight, color, and taste.

Trademarked in California this method is used by the largest growers in the United States proving to be a great success.

Early feed principle

The formation of next year’s crop within the tree beginsafter harvest. Primordial cells, which will develop into flowers, leaves and shoots the following spring, are already differentiating in the tree. This stage is characterized by accelerated cell division.
It is essential to provide adequate nutrition to the cells at this stage in order to achieve a stronger tree and higher yields of quality fruit the following year.

Nutrients principle

Embryo Nutrition Method is based on adequate supply of micro and macro elements in order to stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil.

Proper plant nutrition include variety of elements: plants extracts, plant-based amino acids,enzymes,vitamins, minerals and fulvic acid at precise composition, creating the ideal environment for the plants to thrive in.


Fruit size principle

In general there is a negative correlation between fruit size and fruit quality. The only way to change this is by providing the plant with sufficient nutrients during the period of accelerated cell division.


Roots system “recharge” principle

During the period of accelerated cell division (early fruit set stages) it is important to provide the roots system with sufficient amounts of high quality nutrients.

Post-harvest energy balance principle

To produce fruit, the tree uses it’s carbohydrates energy stores. Carbohydrates are stored in the trunk roots branches and foliage.

After harvest the tree energy stores are exhousted. Applying fertilization to the roots at this time, using the KF 10/20/200 preperations will help to restore the plant energy balance. Plant receiving correct fertilization will achieve better,more uniform bud-break and natural tendency for alternate bearing will be reduced.


The Embryo Nutrition Method was developed by Donald J. Goldberg, an expert and researcher of tablegrapes for more than 40 years. The Embryo Nutrition Method  is used successfully in vineyards and orchards of leading growers worldwide. Farmers using this method achieve higher, top quality crop yields and premium prices year after year.The unique VGI KF products developed and formulated in Israel, arecentral and essential for this method.

Further information about applications of VGI KF products in several cropping systems utilizing the Embryo Nutrition principles are  available at this section.