Please be aware:

VGI was recently informed of a Chinese imitation of the KF series fertilizer products.

How can you identify a legitimate product that is not an imitation and is not dangerous?

  1. VGI has no distributor in China at the moment.
  2. VGI products are sold by us on the company website
  3. They are also sold by suppliers. Proper VGI products will be packaged in packaging that includes our up-to-date logo.
  4. In any case of doubt and in particular before purchasing products abroad Israel, you can ask us and our excellent service representatives will answer you as soon as possible. We are always available by phone: +9723-5407320

We would like to emphasize that purchasing a counterfeit product is dangerous and may contain substances toxic to plants.

We will also emphasize that the VGI company does not have a representative in China.

Exercise discretion and take care of your plants ????

Our Products

Our KF preparations are certified organic biological nutrients that nourish both soil and crops. Thoroughly tested and comprised of entirely natural ingredients, KF preparations work through enzyme activity to enhance natural plant development while maintaining a balanced food web and healthy soil.

Embryo Nutrition

Like an embryo in the womb that needs proper nourishment, plants too, require excellent nutrition prior to blossoming and ripening. Next year’s crops begin to develop long before the fruit appears. The Embryo Nutrition Method™ operates under the same principle: The plant is fed during the initial and critical stages of fruit development.

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Plant & Soil Health

The Common Approach to Eliminating Plant Diseases

Most plant diseases are contracted from the soil. By the time they are visible, they are liable to be transmitted through the air.

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