Table Grapes vineyard application recommendations:

KF preparations (KF 10 and KF 200) has been widely used in table grape vineyards since the mid-’90s in Israel, California and the world over. Grape grower using the KF reports the following benefits:

  • Better bud differentiation, uniform flowering and fruit set.
  • Increased berry uniformity
  • Lower rates of berry collapses
  • Improved berry firmness and color
  • Increased grape shelf life
  • Better recovery from stress
  • Vital and balanced vegetative growth
  • Increased yield (30% yield increase in some cases)

Early to Mid-season variety application (SBS, 108, Superior, Thompson)

Application timingMethodRate: l/acre
3 weeks before bud breakTo roots6
Side shoots 12-14 cmFoliar spray4
Fruit SetTo roots4
Berry ripeningTo roots4
After HarvestTo roots6

Red table grapes variety application (Flame, Red Glob, Crimson)

Application timingMethodRate L/Acre
3 weeks before bud breakTo roots6
Side shoots 12-14 cmFoliar spray4
Berry ripeningTo roots4
3 weeks laterTo roots4
Post Ethrel application (optional)Foliar spray0.3 L/Acre
After HarvestTo roots6
  • For best results follow manufacturer instructions. Read product label carefully before use.
  • The only addition required for vineyards treated with KF is NPK. If you wish to use other types of growth promoters or fertilizing materials it is advised to contact VGI experts to receive guide lines.